Advanced Training and Equipment

Our Emergency Medical Dispatch trained Communications Officers provide instructions over the phone for life saving techniques such as CPR and bleeding control until the ambulance arrives. Our Communications Officers use advanced 9-1-1 equipment called "Public Safety Answering Point" (PSAP) that shares information with Sheriff and Police Departments in order to help facilitate a fast response. If the caller is calling from a cellular device, our system will pinpoint the nearest cell phone tower location or triangulate a possible location in our Computer aided Dispatch System (CAD). Our system pushes location and other pertinent information to our network of ambulances across East Texas.

We're here when you need us

Champion EMS Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with personnel certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD). The EMDs are responsible for the coordination of 34 Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) ambulances, 2 wheelchair vans, and 2 Flight For Life helicopters.

911 Dispatch Services

Champion EMS operates a technologically advanced emergency communication center, with the only East Texas Council of Governments (ETCOG) Secondary Public Safety Answering Point (SPSAP) in East Texas. All 911 information is transferred to Champion's EMS Communications Center directly when you call 911. Our Communication Officers are Certified Emergency Medical Communications Officers who provide care instruction for callers to follow prior to the arrival of our ambulance.