Membership (old)

What is a Membership Program?
As a member of Champion's program, you will have access to:
      • A 40% discount on your ambulance charge if you are uninsured.
      • If insured, no ambulance expense beyond your Insurance or Medicare coverage
      • Will cover out-of–pocket costs such as co-pays and deductibles
      • Transportation to the appropriate hospital of your choice, within Champion’s service area.
Open Enrollment Begins March 1st!
      • Our plan year runs from April 1st - March 31st.
      • For your convenience, current Members will automatically receive a re-enrollment application in the mail.
      • New Members can follow the enrollment steps described below
      • Our annual enrollment period is March 1 - April 30.
      • Miss our annual enrollment period?  Join now and we will prorate your membership fee $5 for each month. Click here for a prorated membership fee table.
Important Information
      • Transports within Champions Service Area are Covered
      • Medicaid patients are not eligible for this service
      • This is not an insurance supplement program
      • These discounts only apply to medically necessary transports
      • Residents of your home that are listed on your application are covered
Join in Three Easy Steps!
    1. Download and complete a Membership Application
    1. Choose a payment option:
      • Submit payment with your application
      1. Submit your application to Champion EMS at:
                        Champion EMS Subscription Department
                                        2201 S Mobberly Ave
                                        Longview, TX 75602

      Join for a low cost of $60 per year!

      All household residents listed on your application are covered. 

      Miss open enrollment? Join midyear, and your fees are prorated $5 per month