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We Treat Patients Like We Would Family

Nick Orr and John Carter: Nick and John were dispatched to a patient having chest pain. Upon arrival they found a patient who was nauseated, pale, and diaphoretic (sweating). The patient was placed on the heart monitor and the Medic Crew quickly identified the patient’s signs and symptoms indicating a STEMI. Good Shepherd Medical Center was notified of the patient’s condition during transport and soon after arrival the patient was taken to the Cardiac Cath Lab where he had two stents placed to open the blockages in cardiac arteries. The patient was discharged home two days later.  At Champion EMS we often talk of treating all our patients just as we would our family members.  Ironically, this patient just so happened to be the father of Nick Orr, the Paramedic who successfully treated and transported him to the hospital.  Imagine the courage it must have taken to control one’s emotions at the time the Medic Crew received this call for help at the home of your parent’s and subsequently finding the patient to be your father!  What a wonderful job Nick was able to do with the help of his partner John in bringing all their knowledge, skills and abilities and to save the life of Nick’s father!  What a great story! Great job guy!

Nick Orr John Carter

100% Blockage in Clinic Patient

Nick Dagenais and Kyle Shelton: Nick and Kyle were called to a local medical clinic for a patient experiencing chest pain.  The Medic Crew arrived on scene, accessed the patient and quickly placed him in the Medic Unit.  The patient suddenly went into cardiac arrest and was defibrillated and revived with return of circulation.  During transport the patient again experienced cardiac arrest and was again defibrillated and revived for a second time.  CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances was notified of a Code STEMI and upon arrival the patient was taken directly to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab where he was found to have a 100% blockage. The patient survived and was discharged home several days later. He has now returned to work and a normal routine largely in part of the exceptional patient care and quick action of the Champion EMS Medic Crew.

Nick Dagenais Kyle Shelton

STEMI at the Station

Jennifer Stout and Courtney Smith: Jennifer and Courtney were the Champion EMS Medic Crew on duty at the station when a patient came to the station. The patient was complaining of chest pressure, right arm numbness and just not feeling right. Upon arrival the patient was placed on the monitor which showed an active STEMI. Flight for Life was notified due to extended distance to a cardiac care facility. While transferring the patient to the landing zone, the patient went into Ventricular Tachycardia and was subsequently defibrillated and revived by the Medic Crew.  Upon arrival at the Landing Zone patient care was transferred to Flight for Life crew and the patient was flown to Good Shepherd Medical Center where he was successfully treated and discharged home two days later thanks in large part to the excellent lifesaving prehospital care administered by Jennifer and Courtney.

Jennifer Stout Courtney Smith

Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation

John Erie and Cody Nesloney: John, Cody, and the Edom Volunteer Fire Department are recognized for the resuscitation of an infant. Edom Fire Department arrived on scene and began CPR. The patient was resuscitated and transferred to the Champion EMS Team upon their arrival. The patient began breathing on their own and treatment continued during transport. Near arrival at the hospital, the patient stopped breathing again and was resuscitated by the crew prior to delivery at the hospital. Thanks to the Edom Volunteer Fire Dept. and the Champion EMS team for a job well done.

John Erie Cody Neslone

98% Better Than National Benchmark

Marcus Tezcucano and Wendy Boggs: Marcus and Wendy were recognized by the Cardiology Team at Good Shepherd Medical Center for their care in identifying that a patient was experiencing an Anterior Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) and an early activation of a Code STEMI.  Their action resulted in this patient’s heart being successfully re-perfused (arteries reopened) in less than 20 minutes. This reperfusion time is critical in reducing the amount of damage done to the patient’s heart during the time the artery is blocked and this time period of 18 minutes was well below the national benchmark of 90 minutes. The early recognition and activation led to the cardiologist waiting in the Emergency Department on patient arrival and the cardioloey team being prepared and set up for the patient. Thanks to the great work of or team of Marcus Tezcucano and Wendy Boggs and the entire GSMC ED and Cardiology team, this patient had a full recovery.

Marcus Tezcucano Wendy Boggs

Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation

Daniel Creedon and Shandi Cameron: Daniel and Shandi are recognized for their diligence and resuscitative efforts on a patient who was involved in a major motor vehicle crash. The young patient was in cardiac arrest on their arrival and through their excellent resuscitative efforts, the patient was revived and treated at a local hospital then transferred to a pediatric facility. This patient has now been released home to family and continues to improve daily.

Daniel Creedon

18% Better Than National Benchmark

Jeff Willard and Jeremy Rigo: Jeff and Jeremy were recognized by the Cardiology Team at Good Shepherd Medical Center in the city of Longview for their care in recognizing that a patient was experiencing an Inferior Wall Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) and early activation of a Code STEMI. Their action resulted in this patient’s heart being successfully re-perfused (arteries reopened) in less than 73 minutes. This reperfusion time is critical in reducing the amount of damage done to the patient’s heart during the time the artery is blocked and this time period of 73 minutes was well below the national benchmark of 90 minutes. The patient recovered and has since gone on to live happily with his family with little to no residual impact from his heart attack! Thanks to the great work of our paramedic team of Jeff Willard and Jeremy Rigo and the entire GSMC Cardiology team; what fantastic teamwork!

Jeff Willard Jeremy Rigo

Good Samaritan, CPR, and AutoZone

Mike Adams, Alisha Garrett, and Kelly Lohman: Mike, Alisha and Kelly are recognized here for their team effort in resuscitating a patient who collapsed in the aisle at a local AutoZone auto parts store. Kelly Lohman, the Champion EMS Communication Officer, was able to provide CPR instructions over the telephone to a Good Samaritan who started and provided CPR to the patient until the Champion EMS crew arrived. Unfortunately, the identity of this Good Samaritan was not obtained and he later slipped away, unrecognized for his heroics. Upon arrival, the Champion EMS crew consisting of field supervisor Mike Adams and EMT-basic Alisha Garrett and with the assistance of Henderson Firefighters continued CPR and administered drugs and intravenous fluids. The person, who was successfully revived and transported to the hospital alive, has since returned home to live with his family. We are so proud of Mike, Alisha and Kelly and their life saving teamwork and thankful for the heroic assistance of our unidentified Good Samaritan and our Henderson firefighters.

Mike Adams Alishia Garrett Kelly Lohman

Christmas Eve Rescue Near Elderville

Donnie Reynolds and John Milford: Now here is one of those dramatic, made for television rescue stories! Donnie and John, with assistance from another Champion EMS paramedic team, Chris Reagh and George Verhalen, responded to a call involving a one-car motor vehicle crash. Upon arrival, it was noted that the person had been impaled by piece of pipe all the way through his upper abdomen. With assistance of the second Champion EMS paramedic team, Donnie, John, Chris and George working together with the Elderville Fire Department firefighters lead by Fire Chief Pat Owens, extricated the patient from the car in about 20 minutes. Thanks to the excellent teamwork between the Champion and Elderville fire crews the extrication went smoothly and the patient was kept stable. Because of the patient’s severe traumatic injuries he was transported to a Level II Trauma Center at Good Shepherd Medical Center and went directly to surgery. Because of the extrication time the Trauma Team at GSMC was notified early of the severity of the patient’s injuries and the trauma surgeon and trauma team were awaiting the arrival of the patient. This timely care led to quick surgical intervention which directly contributed to the patient surviving this serious injury. He was discharged from Good Shepherd Medical Center within a couple of weeks of the accident. All because of the exceptional teamwork of the Champion EMS paramedic crews, and the outstanding teamwork from the Lake Port Police Chief and the Elderville Fire Department peers and the superior surgical skills of the Good Shepherd Medical Center Trauma Team! Wow, what a story! Congratulations Donnie, John, Chris and George, great work!

Donnie Reynolds John Milford Chris Reagh George Verhalen

CPR Performed in Canton Doctors Office

Kevin Stanley and Scott Dodgen: Kevin and Scott responded to an emergency call for assistance at a local doctor’s office in the city of Canton. The patient had gone into cardiac arrest while at the doctor’s office and the Canton Fire Department firefighters who responded used their Automatic Emergency Defibrillator (AED) to shock the patient’s heart and provide CPR. The firefighters were providing exceptional CPR when the Champion EMS paramedic crew, consisting of Kevin Stanley and Scott Dodgen arrived on scene. The paramedic crew administered advanced life support to the patient for another 18 minutes until the patient was revived. The patient later awoke in the ambulance as he was being transported to the hospital asking, ‘why am I in the ambulance?’ Clearly Kevin and Scott had a great story to tell him! We are so proud of Kevin and Scott and our Canton firefighters for the exceptional care provided to this patient that allowed him to be successfully resuscitated and return to live a normal life!

Kevin Stanley