Support Services

Welcome to Champion's Support Services Department! Our department strives to provide excellent quality service to all of Champion's customers who include Member Hospitals, Patients, Facilities, Vendors, Employees, and Governmental Agencies. Our Support Professionals value team work, professionalism, efficiency, and compliance.  Please visit our intra departmental sections below to learn more about our roll in Champion EMS's mission of Saving Lives Serving You.

Human Resources

Human Resources is dedicated to recruiting, selecting, and retaining caring, competent, and qualified team members. The Human Resource department  is responsible for the planning, organization, and direction of our team members and management.

Our main goal and major initiative is to identify, attract and retain the Paramedics, EMTs who will be dynamic, vibrant, vital and effective group of team members of our organization.

Join our team and you will find a compassionate, caring environment designed to let you focus on being your best. If you want a great career in a great location, we hope you'll join us! Please go to our Careers section.

Service Center

Champion EMS Service Center provides maintenance and repair work for Champion's fleet of 36 front line ambulances from General Maintenance to the major rebuild or replacement of engines. Most repairs are done in house creating a faster turnaround time for crews in the field. This in turn keeps our maintenance costs low and allows Champion EMS to keep moving forward to a more advanced system of repair.

We are always updating our fleet and our trained technicians keep us moving with their ongoing training and diagnostic skills. As each year progresses the training and knowledge of our technicians progress as well. We are quite diverse and our technicians keep the wheels moving to keep our equipment in the best operational status it can be.

Our primary goal is to keep our Ambulances up to date with the most advanced technology available, so that Champion EMS can provide you and your family efficient, quality patient care on the way to your destination.


Information Technology


Champion EMS's Information Technology Department is responsible for the 24x7x365 operations of:
  • Corporate computer systems, both server and PC
  • Corporate networks including fiber, cable, ethernet, switches, firewalls
  • Printers, networked and locally attached
  • Cellular and analog phone systems
  • Websites, internal and external
  • Software including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD),
    Electronic Patient Care Records, navigation systems
  • Monitoring hardware
  • Vehicle Area Networks (VAN)
  • Radio over IP (RoIP)
  • EMS station networks including firewalls,
    PC’s, phones, printers, ISP connections
  • Security surveillance systems




Champion EMS’s Accounting department provides a variety of services which include payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, budgeting, financial reporting and cost allocations.

Champion outsources its patient billing and some general accounting functions to third party vendors. These organizations provide Champion EMS with their experience and expertise.

The accounting department's main focus is to secure and accurately track Champion's financial interests. The Accounting department's main goal is to provide financial information and support from station level to Board of Directors level. The accounting department's services enhance Champion's team members' ability to operate and make informed decisions, allowing for better services and outcome for our patients and communities in which we serve.